Dong-Thuc Knobble, Senior Staff Business Development at FormFactor, gave a presentation at the 2022 COMPASS Virtual Conference titled – Quantum/CryoCMOS: Enabling the Future of Computing. It is now available on-demand.

First, a little background on the presenter:

Dong-Thuc Knobbe started her career as a Lab Engineer for Bio-Medical Engineering at the Research Center FZ-Juelich in Germany. In 2004 she began work with Formfactor as a Product Engineer working on customizations throughout the probe station portfolio. She is responsible for key customer projects for both the custom products group and cryogenic & vacuum stations. Ms. Knobbe is currently focused on cryogenic products at FormFactor as part of the HPD Cryogenic Product Group, strengthening the Quantum Computing application and supporting customers to get quantum computing devices characterized.

Presentation SnapShot:

Quantum computing development is accelerating and showing promise to commercialize in the next years, however key challenges must be addressed in the fabrication and test of superconducting devices used for this purpose.

Superconducting or spin qubit devices go through complicated fabrication processes involving multiple additive and subtractive steps. Also, prior to characterization, time consuming and expensive techniques such as wire bonding and packaging are required.

Low performance devices and defective qubits lead to wasted time and money on unnecessary equipment cooldowns on deployment systems and slow down critical feedback for new fabrication processes. Pre-characterization measurements on quantum processors can establish resonator quality and qubit yield prior to the dilution refrigerator cooldown that can prevent this wasted time and money on cooling down poor devices.

The test and measurement temperature is typically close to absolute zero, in the range of 4K to sub-50mK, for quantum qubit device characterization.

This presentation will discuss these challenges and present use-cases from mK up to 77K chip scale probing as well as wafer scale probing; all of which can incorporate Formfactor’s probe interface technology.

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