FormFactor will be at two upcoming shows with some exciting announcements and demonstrations.

First up… FormFactor will be at the APS March Meeting from March 7th- 9th in Las Vegas, NV. We will showcase our HPD product portfolio, with the broadest range of Cryogenics and Test Products for the Quantum Industry in Booth 607.

Cryogen-free Dilution Refrigerators and He-3 Sub Kelvin Cryostats:

  • FormFactor, through its HPD product line, is the largest commercial dilution refrigerator supplier in the US. The JDry-250 and JDry-500enable easy and highest up-time for operating at temperatures below 10 mK. The JDry models have been optimized for quantum computing and quantum research applications and can accommodate up to 270 semirigid cables.
  • Our Helium-3 cryostats are well-suited for STM, NMR, ARPES, and a wide variety of sub-Kelvin applications. He-3 cryostats can be top- or bottom-loading, configured for “wet” or “dry” (cryogen-free) operation, and with samples in ultra-high vacuum (UHV), liquid, gas, and magnetic fields.

Cryogenic Wafer and Rapid Chip Scale Probe Systems:

  • FormFactor’s HPD IQ2000is a high throughput chip-scale prober for singulated die testing at 4 K or 2 K. The system’s load-lock design enables thermalization of the device under test from 300 K to 4 K in less than an hour – improving the device throughput by up to 10X compared to conventional chip probers.
  • The IQ3000is a high precision fully automated probe station for 150 mm and 200 mm substrates in a 4 K environment. The IQ3000 integrates configurable DC and RF cabling, with custom probe cards available for ultimate flexibility of test configurations.

Cryogenic Test Services:

  • Our Cryogenic Test Services allow you to avoid the high upfront capital cost of a complete system and enable immediate access to cryogenic data. Collect high-volume data with our Cryogenic Wafer Scale Probe Station or qualify your devices with our < 50 mK cryostats.

Next up… we’ll be at the OFC Conference in San Diego, CA, March 5-9 in Booth 5409 (Keysight Technologies). We will be demonstrating the MPS150-SiPh – a manual, entry-level silicon photonics solution for surface coupling and horizontal edge coupling.

The MPS150-SiPh is a cost-effective silicon photonics measurement solution to support fundamental research work for emerging applications. Designed into the system are FormFactor’s years of experience developing automated photonics measurement systems – now tailored to the needs of universities and other entry-level users.

The MPS150-SiPh ensures optical fibers can be precisely aligned to couple light in and out of a device without physical contact. Leveraging its intuitive design, the MPS150-SiPh is the perfect solution for less experienced users to discover photonics and achieve highest accuracy test results.

Swing by the booth and see the MPS150-SiPh in action!