Like many industries, the semiconductor industry is currently being challenged in a way we have never seen before. Social distancing is finding its way into our daily routines and companies are confronted with new operational procedures, home office policies and even temporary shutdowns.

As a globally operating company, we have taken early actions to maintain our production processes. Our various factory teams have done an outstanding job to incorporate all the new social distancing, site screening, and other measures necessary to ensure people are safe – always with the goal of ensuring your most important semiconductors can be tested.

One of the ways in which we have shifted our service delivery model is through the use of virtual demos. These, and other, valuable options are available to help keep your semiconductor measurements running no matter where you are physically located.

Experience our probe stations with a virtual demo via video conference and speak live with an Application Engineer. Through the use of a webcam, you can see how our revolutionary solutions work and learn about our unique software capabilities. You are part of it!

  • Live Webcam – see how a device is being tested
  • Or send us your Own Device
  • Talk live to an Application Specialist

Three introductory demos currently available include:

1. Silicon Photonics 

FormFactor has released revolutionary new features to enhance its industry-leading silicon photonics (SiPh) solution on its CM300xi probing system. The new features extend the probing system’s capability to couple fibers to the edge of SiPh devices, both on singulated die and on wafers, enabling test engineers to measure device performance consistent with native operating conditions.

Demo setup:

  • Vertical and edge coupling
  • Wafer- and die-level measurements
  • SiPh-tools software demonstration

2. Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant 

FormFactor’s Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is the only solution for wafer probe stations that enables true automatic, hands-free calibration and measurement of RF devices at multiple temperatures.

With our exclusive patented RF TopHat, motorized positioners and intelligent software algorithms, the solution runs over days without an operator – constantly monitoring calibration accuracy and ensuring measurement certainty for every device measurement. With more test data and higher accuracy, the Auto RF Measurement Assistant reduces cost of test, minimizes training needs and accelerates time to market.

The Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is available for our 300 mm and 200 mm wafer probe stations CM300xi, SUMMIT200, Summit 12000 and Elite.

Demo setup:

  • Demo frequencies up to 130 GHz
  • Includes Keysight N9251
  • Auto RF software demonstration

3. Velox Software 

With the introduction of our new Velox 3 probe station control software, FormFactor has set a new standard when it comes to user-centered design and state-of-the-art hardware support like modern USB3 cameras. Velox™ is FormFactor’s unique software suite for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer probe stations. It is the universal standard for semi- and fully-automated systems, enabling seamless communication between the user and more than 15 different platforms.

Demo capabilities:

  • Toolbar, Control Center, Wafer Map
  • Load/unload and align a wafer
  • Workflow Guide, die stepping, and more

Click here to make an appointment. Our Application Specialists will then contact you to arrange a virtual demonstration.