FormFactor is pleased to announce that new Velox Dash™ Companion Device for the operation of probe stations. Velox Dash is FormFactor’s new companion app, designed to enhance probe station control through a modern, tablet-based interface. It employs an intuitive and simplified user interface that covers the most common probe station functionalities, effectively replacing the hardware joystick and eVue remote control with your fingers. Compatible with SUMMIT200, CM300, TESLA200, and TESLA300 stations, Velox Dash ensures continuous operation with its Guided Access feature, which keeps the app always open and prevents users from changing any tablet settings.

There are numerous benefits to Velox Dash, including:

Better Operation. Operating with Velox Dash provides an intuitive, modern, and easy-to-use user interface that offers central access to the most important functions. By decluttering the workspace and enabling touch input for core functions, Velox Dash ensures a streamlined user experience. Additionally, the user interface is customizable to meet the specific needs of the operator.

Decluttering of your Workspace and Superior Look and Feel: The new device offers a high-quality appearance and a sleek look and feel. It features a more stable tray that can be pushed in and out using a convenient drawer, while the tablet angle is fully adjustable to suit individual preferences. Additionally, the tray is designed to be adaptable for left-handers, ensuring ease of use for everyone.

Compatibility: The Velox Dash is compatible with the following FormFactor probe stations:

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