Join us at European Microwave Week 2019 (EuMW), October 1st through October 3rd in Paris, France. We’ll be in booth 001A.

We are showcasing the SUMMIT200 with Autonomous RF and the μWgenius.  We’ll demonstrate how our new SUMMIT200 probe stations can be outfitted with new hardware to deliver even higher frequency measurements. The μWgenius includes a new Keysight VNA and higher frequency cables that allow up to 53GHz measurements. The SUMMIT200 has VDI frequency extenders and other components that allow testing to 120GHz+, as well as a wider temperature range and more device layouts.

We’ll also be showcasing our new InfinityXT probe. The new InfinityXT series advances the industry standard with higher temperature range, better tip visibility and durability, and support for narrower pitches as the market evolves. Ideal for device characterization and modeling, InfinityXT significantly improves tip visibility leading to improvements in both the placement accuracy and repeatability for excellent calibration. Higher temperature range allows for one probe technology to fully meet your modeling and characterization needs. In addition, InfinityXT’s newly designed solid rhodium contacts and mechanical system give the probes more durability and robustness which helps extend probe life, especially for small pitch applications.

In addition, we will have a demonstration of our latest Velox™ probe station control software running. Velox is the universal standard for probe operations, both semi-automated and fully-automated. It enables safe and fast wafer loading, and easy test automation and measurement system integration, while preventing damage of probe tips and probe cards throughout the entire measurement cycle.

Gavin Fisher will also present in two sessions. He will lead a workshop session on Tuesday Oct 1st at 12:00:

Best Practices for Wafer Test Throughout the Spectrum

This workshop will highlight the best methods for setting up, calibrating, and evaluating measurement performance in coaxial up to 145 GHz and in waveguide bands spanning WR15 (75 GHz) to WR1 (1100 GHz). The relative merits of both manual and semi-automated probe stations, with both manual and programmable motorized positioners, will be discussed and compromises will be presented involving performance. A novel means will be presented in which a directly-connected waveguide probe can still be used for reliable over-temperature testing on a semi-automated wafer prober.  

He will also present at the MicroApps Workshop on Oct. 2nd at 2:20:

Benefits of Reduced Insertion Loss for mmWave Over Temperature Wafer Test

We look forward to seeing you in booth 001A!