As we wind down 2020, certainly an interesting year for many, we wanted to celebrate our top 10 blog posts for the year. Each year around this time we take a moment and look back at which blog posts in 2020 were popular and share them here in one post.

1. FormFactor Acquires Advantest Probe Card Assets

We are excited to share a couple of exciting recent announcements regarding our probe cards business – the acquisition of Advantest probe card assets and VSLIresearch rankings. Both of these announcements further add to our probe card market leadership.

2. FormFactor Acquires High Precision Devices to Expand its Cryogenic Test Capabilities

The HPD acquisition nicely complements our existing line of cryogenic wafer probe systems, and cryogenic engineering probes, expanding FormFactor’s market reach with cryostats for die and package testing and lower-temperature wafer probe capabilities.

3. From Wafer Test Perspective, What is the Biggest Challenge to Make Chiplets a Mainstream Technology?

The impact of composite yield fallout due to a single chiplet is creating new performance imperatives for wafer test in terms of test complexity and coverage. From a test perspective, making chiplets a mainstream technology depends on ensuring Good Enough Die at a reasonable test cost.

4. Edge Coupling Efficiencies for Wafer and Die Level Applications

We provide the only solution on the market that enables advanced automated alignment for horizontal die-level edge coupling, deploying exclusive automated fiber-to-facet alignment techniques and reducing the risk of damaging fibers to a minimum with collision avoidance technology.

5. Introducing the Altius Vertical MEMS Probe Card for Advance Packaging Technologies

Altius enables cost-effective wafer or die test of a variety of components in a heterogenous integrated system, from validating at-speed performance of high bandwidth memory (HBM), to ensuring the integrity of high-density interconnects such as silicon interposers and embedded bridges.

6. OptoVue Pro – Faster Time to Data with Real-Time In-Situ Calibration

We recently launched some revolutionary new Silicon Photonics (SiPh) probe solutions for the CM300xi probe station. One of these new features is the exclusive OptoVue Pro™ that enable optical positioner calibrations to be performed in-situ without removing the current wafer being tested.

7. New Thermal System with Reduced Air Consumption Delivers Best Cost Performance

With a focus on providing the best cost-performance ratio in the market, we have introduced a new Economic Thermal System (-40 to +300°C) for our SUMMIT200 and CM300xi probe stations. The new system delivers significant cost savings and efficiencies that make a real difference.

8. Advanced mm-Wave and Terahertz Measurements – Enhanced with Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant

Our unique solution for over-temperature mm-Wave and terahertz measurements incorporates a new, exclusively developed approach to overcome the challenges in precise waveguide probing. The result is highest accuracy and reliable data over a full thermal range from -60°C to +125°C.

9. New Edge Coupling Probe Solutions for Silicon Photonics (SiPh) Devices

We recently announced new edge coupling features that enhance our silicon photonics (SiPh) solution for the CM300xi probe station that allow us to extend our ability to couple fibers to the edge of SiPh devices for both singulated die and on wafers.

10. 6 Reasons Why Probe System Service Agreements Make Sense

We have designed our Probe Systems Service Agreements to bring our customers simplicity and peace of mind when it comes to keeping equipment operating at optimum performance. Take a look at these six reasons why probe system service agreements make sense.

We look forward to welcoming in 2021 and wish you a safe and happy New Year!