FormFactor is busy this March!

March 15 – 19, FormFactor’s HPD product solutions will be presented at the APS Physics March Meeting, being held virtually. On Tuesday, March 16th, from 1-2 PM (Central Time, US) we will host a workshop (Session F68) – A Use Case for a Probe Station, being led by Sr. Instrument Scientist, Layton Baker, co-presented with Charlie Danaher, Business Development Director. The workshop will outline how low temperature probe stations and milliKelvin research cryostats  are helping advance the frontiers of quantum computing.

The fields of quantum computing and superconducting computing are experiencing tremendous growth and will likely have profound impacts on various technologies and in our everyday lives. Additionally, the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology are vibrant with ongoing research taking place at observatories around the globe.

However, long before these technologies become reality, years of development is required for the many of the essential components. Conceptualization, prototyping, and refinement of these superconducting devices are made possible by testing them at cryogenic temperatures. Probe stations allow for real-life testing and enable high throughput, supporting rapid progress in the development of these new instruments, and therefore the science.

We hope to see you online for this event!

Running concurrently, FormFactor will be attending SEMICON China from March 17 – 19 in Shanghai. Products that we will be demonstrating include:

In addition to these demonstration products, we will be sharing presentations and information on:

We will be in Booth 4371, so please swing on by and say hello!