It’s a challenge testing RF devices over multiple temperatures. You need to consider calibration drift, expansion or contraction of the test setup, and shrinking device pads to save real-estate space and minimize pad parasitics. Testing over multiple temperatures requires a continuous monitoring and readjustment of the calibration – a time-consuming and highly-demanding task. What’s more, new RF devices for applications such as 5G, autonomous driving and next generation Wi-Fi, need to have the most accurate device models for their IC designs.

To overcome these challenges, there is the Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant to enable higher accuracy and more productivity, while minimizing training needs and accelerating time to market. Some features include:

  • True automatic, hands-free calibration
  • Monitoring of calibration drift and automatic re-calibration
  • Full management of system expansion
  • Accurate and repeatable probe positioning at all temperatures

As part of our Contact Intelligence™ Technology, the Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant is designed specifically to automate the whole calibration, measuring and monitoring tasks that are normally performed manually by experienced engineers. It delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Ease of use. An inexperienced operator can perform an RF calibration by simply pushing a button, reducing the need for experienced (and costly) full-time users on each system.
  • Calibration monitor and re-calibration. The system will continuously monitor calibration drift, and automatically re-calibrate should the drift exceed a pre-defined limit.
  • Data volume. Unattended test allows more tool utilization without additional time and money.
  • Unattended use. Measurements can be left running overnight, testing all devices on the wafer, and at different temperatures without the need of the operator.
  • Reduced soak time. The system will re-align the probes to the pads if they drift away from alignment, reducing the time of test while increasing throughput.

Only the Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant, and its combination of FormFactor’s advanced programmable positioners, the unique eVue microscope, Velox Probe Station Control Software and WinCal XE high-performance RF calibration software enables fully autonomous, hands-free calibrations and measurements of RF devices over multiple temperatures. It leverages the CM300xi, SUMMIT200, Summit 12000, or Elite 300 probe stations, reduces cost of test and accelerates time to market. A winning combination!

Here’s an archived webinar on unattended RF measurement and calibration for 5G device characterization.

For more information, visit our website, or download the Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant brochure (PDF).